City of Grand Marais - Minnesota

USA Today's 2017 Best Midwestern Small Town, Budget Travel's 2015 Coolest Small Town in America & Lake Superior Magazine's 2015 Best Weekend Destination 

Public Utilities Commission

Located at:
15 N Broadway
PO Box 600
Grand Marais, MN  55604

If you have questions about your Electric, Water or Wastewater service, email or call 218-387-1848

If you are calling to report an outage, please call 218-387-1848 during office hours or after hours call Cook County Law Enforcement at 218-387-3030.

Wastewater Department: 218-387-1160

Electricity provides comfort and convenience to our lives, but it demands care and respect.  We urge you to play it safe around electricity. 

Call Before You Dig

Whether you are planning construction, gardening, landscaping, fencing or any type of digging around your home, you must call Gopher State One Call (GSOC) to locate buried electric, telephone, cable, water and sewer lines.  Coming in contact with utility lines can be extremely dangerous or fatal and repairs to damaged lines can be costly. It is the law that anyone excavating at your site must notify Gopher State One Call (GSOC) so that underground electric, telephone, cable, sewer and water lines can be marked on or near your property before any digging begins.  A 48-hour notice, not including weekends, is required. Grand Marais Public Utilities will not locate any of our utilities until we have been contacted by GSOC.
Gopher One State Call  811 or 1-800-252-1166 Monday - Friday (except holidays) 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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