City of Grand Marais - Minnesota

USA Today's 2017 Best Midwestern Small Town, Budget Travel's 2015 Coolest Small Town in America & Lake Superior Magazine's 2015 Best Weekend Destination 

2004 Ordinances

Attached Document or FileOrdinance 2004-01 Amendment of Chapter 2 of the Grand Marais City Code, Administration, By Adding Thereto Section 2.4: Vacancies, Establishing the Conditions when a Vacancy Occurs on the City Council and on City Commissions
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 2004-02 An Ordinance Granting a Franchise to Mediacom Minnesota, LLC. to Construct, Operate, and Maintain a Cable Communications System in the City of Grand Marais, Minnesota Setting Forth Conditions Accompanying the Grant of the Franchise; Providing for Regulation and Use of the System and the Public Rights-of-Way and Prescribing Penalties for the Vioaltion of the Provisions Herein;
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 2004-03 An Ordinance Regulating Mooring Buoys in the Grand Marais Harbor, Amending Grand Marais Ordinance 2003-01
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 2004-04 An Ordinance Amending the Grand Marais Code, Chapter 70, By Redefining the Truck Route Within the City
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 2004-05 An Ordinance Amending Grand Marais Code, Chapter 46, By Defining and Limiting Noise Nuisances Within the City and Providing Penalites for Violations
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