City of Grand Marais - Minnesota

USA Today's 2017 Best Midwestern Small Town, Budget Travel's 2015 Coolest Small Town in America & Lake Superior Magazine's 2015 Best Weekend Destination 

City Council Priorities

Identifying City Council priorities is a crucial policy-making role of the City Council.
These priorities help steer resource decisions, provide guidance to staff, and
communicate intentions to the public. On Tuesday, February 19, 2018, the City Council and
City Management Staff conducted a workshop to identify City Council priorities for the
next 2-3 years. The group began with reports from department heads of recent activities
and upcoming issues. Using the Community Vision and Values council and staff selected 6 priorities, through a series of brainstorming and selection exercises.

Below are the priorities, the corresponding community values, and a brief description.

  1. City Code Update and Enforcement (Values 1,4,5) . The Council will conduct a review of select City regulations. The City will create an enforcement strategy.
  2. Update City County Agreements (Value 5). The Council will initiate a conversation with the County to update select agreements, including law enforcement, road maintenance, and the YMCA.
  3. Redevelop City Hall/Liquor Store Site (Values 1,2,3,5). The Council will explore the private redevelopment of the City Hall Liquor Store Site. The Council will plan and begin the creation of a new Liquor Store and City Hall, with location dependent on results of private redevelopment.
  4. Highway 61 (Values 1,5). The Council will continue to advocate for community needs before and during construction. The Council will work with MnDot and the County to understand maintenance roles after construction. The Council will describe a strategy for the maintenance of City responsibilities.
  5. Housing (Value 3). The Council will evaluate City programs and regulations and consider changes to address housing. The Council will identify a strategy to invest in housing for the community.
  6. Capital Improvement Plan (Values 1,2,5,6). The Council will continue to maintain a capital improvement plan. Major upcoming projects include 5th Avenue utilities and 1st Street reconstruction.
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