City of Grand Marais - Minnesota

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Community Vision Plan

The Grand Marais Community Vision Plan is a roadmap to the future, a document of community voices and ideas, and a collective call to action. The vision, values, priorities, and ideas described on the following pages provide a framework future planning - and serve as a jumping-off point for further discussion,  brainstorming,  and community investment.  This vision plan seeks to inspire solutions and initiatives that will uphold the values of the Grand Marais community and realize an exciting, community-led vision for the future.


The Purpose of The Plan

See the Big Picture

The  Grand  Marais  Vision Plan presents a wide angle view of the community, summarizing key assets,  challenges, trends, and aspirations across a range of issues impacting the quality of life in the community. The Plan is a resource for residents, businesses, property owners, City staff, and other interested parties wishing to learn more about the community, its current conditions, and future direction.

Set a Course for the Future

The Plan presents an exciting, community-led vision that describes how Grand Marais will look, feel and function in the future. The vision is intended to be ambitious, but achievable - and rooted in the existing qualities, character, strengths, and assets of the Grand Marais community.

Guide Future Action + Decision-Making

The plan establishes a framework of principles and goals for future planning and action. This framework serves as a guide for future decision-making and a jumping off point for discussion,  imagination, and action. Community members, City staff, and community leaders all have a role to play to realize the vision and priorities presented here.

The Community Vision and Values

Our community vision and values were developed through a lengthy public engagement process.

The values are listed below.

  1. Support and enhance local business
  2. Encourage expansion of sustainable energy uses
  3. Develop access to housing that all people can afford throughout their lives
  4. Expand education for the mind, body, and soul
  5. Invest in safe, people-friendly infrastructure that supports active living
  6. Enhance the community’s deep connection to the outdoors, and active engagement of the environment

Click the link below to view the full Community Vision Plan.

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