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C/I Zone Update

For many years The Grand Marais Community has consistently expressed the need for more housing. In 2018 the City officially recognized housing as one of its top priorities, since then The Planning Commission has been working to reduce barriers to adding new housing in the community. The low number of vacant residentially zoned lots with available utilities is a significant barrier to the development of new housing in Grand Marais. 

Recently the planning commission has received a number of requests to develop housing on properties zoned C/I (Commerical industrial) that have been denied because of complex requirements for the interaction of commercial and residential uses in the C/I District.

Historically there has been a healthy balance between commercial and residential uses in the C/I District and the C/I District has numerous vacant lots with utilities readily available. The Planning Commission is considering retooling the C/I District in the Grand Marais Zoning Ordinance, to prevent further missed opportunities to develop housing.

The proposed C/I zoning language encourages Multi-Family Housing in the C/I district. Higher density development creates housing for more people per buildable lot. The C/I district is a good fit for multi-family housing due to the C/I zoning allowing for buildings to take up more lot coverage.

The Planning Commission will discuss approving the updated language at their meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

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